Sustainability Policy

At Måløy Adventure AS, we are dedicated to preserving our coastal heritage and environment. We focus on creating local value through responsible tourism. Our goal is to offer experiences that respect our culture and nature, leaving a positive impact on our community.

Responsible travel is at the heart of our business. We aim to maximize the positive effects that tourism can have on individuals and local communities while minimizing the negative social, environmental, and economic impacts. Our sustainability policy outlines what we have achieved, what we are currently doing, and what we aspire to achieve in the future.

In our operations:
1. Compliance and Sustainable Development:
– We commit to full compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.
– We embed sustainable development principles into our core business practices.

2. Environmental Conservation:
– We are dedicated to preserving our coastal environment.
– We continually improve our environmental performance.
– We monitor, reduce, and responsibly manage waste.
– We measure and seek ways to reduce our use of natural resources, especially energy.
– We purchase local products wherever possible and limit the use of small packaging.

3. Social Impact:
– We strive to optimize our social impact, enhancing local livelihoods and preventing tourism leakages.
– We respect our employees, their diversity, and advance their wellbeing.
– We provide information, training, and support to engage our colleagues and external partners toward sustainability.

4. Reporting and Communication:
– We share best practices and raise awareness of sustainability among our teams and partners.
– We communicate our achievements against sustainable goals, both internally and externally, through thorough reporting at least once a year.

5. Local Engagement:
– We prefer to work with locally owned businesses that reflect local cultures, including hotels, lodges, restaurants, handicraft outlets, and arts and culture centers.

6. Supply Chain and Training:
– We drive positive change within our supply chain by monitoring their sustainable practices.
– We share best practices and organize training for our partners.

7. Responsible Tourism:
– We ensure that the travels we organize have no adverse effects on the environment or society.
– We promote responsible tourism within our industry and among stakeholders in our destination.

8. Community Support:
– We give back to neighboring communities by supporting projects that address local development challenges.
– We encourage fair employment opportunities and wellbeing advancement.9. Customer Education:
– We put our clients and guests at the forefront of our business.
– We help them make informed decisions when traveling by providing information about sustainable travel options.

This policy is a work in progress, involving everyone in our company. We remain committed to these objectives to ensure sustainable practices in all aspects of our business, benefitting our community, environment, and the overall tourism industry.