What is Måløy Adventure?

Måløy Adventure is more than just a regional booking and event company – It’s a community-driven initiative owned by 27 local businesses, all working together with a shared goal: to offer the best possible travel experience to guests exploring the Måløy region. Here’s what sets us apart and what we do:

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* We collaborate with local authorities and businesses to make Mäloy and its surroundings an irresistible travel destination.

* Investing in local infrastructure, activities, and attractions to provide visitors with unique adventures in our region.

* Educating and employing guides with specific knowledge about the regional history, culture, and attractions.

* Packaging and organizing excursions and round trips for groups, travel agents, and cruise companies.

Why Choose Måløy Adventure?

Local knowledge and guides to enhance your experience.
Local flexibility tailored to your preferences.
Streamlined organization of excursions and activities with all local companies, attractions, and authorities.
A unified booking system for all local excursions and activities.


Local contact agents present for every cruise arrival

Comprehensive ship handling services available through our partners in Maloy.

Cashback options on direct sales and online bookings, including local onshore sales for cruise companies.

Exclusive and unique excursions and activities curated by leveraging our local knowledge and partnerships.

Måløy Adventure is your key to unlocking the authentic, local, and unforgettable experiences that make the Måløy region a must-visit destination.