Excursions ▸Explore the Mythic Selje Monestary


Experience the saga island of Selja, the place where the story of the first saint (the only female saint), some of the country’s first churches and one of the oldest monasteries in the “country far north” started – and still lives a thousand years later. Klosterkyrkja and Sunnivahola are considered holy grounds and it is therefore in our time possible to hold weddings, christenings, and confirmations here. From the small Sunnivakjelda you can drink water that is supposed to be healthy. After a brief visit to the island, we return by boat back to Måløy and to the ship.

Itinerary 2 h 30 min total
20 min Departure from pier with boat to Selje
1 h 50 min Visit Selje island, stroll around and get a guided tour
20 min Return to pier by boat
Capacity Maximum 30 per group
Adult Coming soon!
Child Coming soon!

This excursion requires boarding and disembarking a passenger catamaran and may not be accessible for people with certain disabilities and wheelchair users. The guided tour of Selja Island may not be suitable for individuals with mobility issues or physical disabilities, as the terrain is uneven and includes steps and steep inclines. Additionally, the tour may not be accessible to individuals who are visually or hearing impaired, as there may be areas where information is presented in a visual or auditory format only. If you have any concerns or questions about accessibility, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to booking the tour to discuss accommodations or alternatives.