Excursions ▸Måløyraid Museum


Original pictures from the raid and meters of original film are displayed in a historical exhibition telling a vivid story of what happened on Vågsøy during Operation Archery, when allied forces attacked the Germans on Christmas day in 1941. The Måløyraid centre is located in the centre of Måløy, and comprises three floors including a bunker that was built by the Germans and used for sanitary bunkers after the Måløyraid.

Itinerary 2 hours total
0 min Short walk to the museum
15 min Arrival at the museum
1 h 30 min Guided tour at the museum
15 min Short walk back to pier
Capacity Maximum 20 per group
Adult Coming soon!
Child Coming soon!

Wheelchair accessible museum in the city centre of Måløy. Elevator is available in the building. Please note: Limited amount of guides with other languages than english. If a guide is not availible in your language, this tour will be in English.