Excursions ▸Highlights of Måløy


The highlights in and around Måløy will all be seen on this panoramic tour. Start off with a visit to Kråkenes lighthouse. Next, we will make our way to Refvik beach. This sandy, chalk-white shell beach is one of Norway’s finest bathing beaches. For the last big attraction, we will see is the Kannestein. This particular sculpture in stone, shaped by nature itself, stands in high-water mark in the village Oppedal on the island Vågsøy. This 3-meter-high stone has been roughened for thousands of years by nature’s power. After a stop here we head back to Måløy and the pier.

Itinerary 3 h 30 min total
0 min Departure from pier by bus
40 min Drive to Kråkenes lighthouse
30 min Photo stop
30 min Drive to Refvik Beach
20 min Photo stop / walk on the beach
30 min Drive to Kannesteinen for photos
30 min Return to pier
Capacity Maximum 45 per group
Adult Coming soon!
Child Coming soon!

This guided tour and experience is not especially physically demanding except from disembarking and boarding the bus, and short walks to the attractions on somewhat uneven terrain. Please note: Limited amount of guides with other languages than english. If a guide is not availible in your language, this tour will be in English.