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Discover the mesmerizing beauty of Måløy and its surrounding coastal scenery. Embark on a fjord sightseeing adventure!
Our fjord sightseeing tour offers an opportunity to explore the stunning fjord and coastal scenery that grace Måløy and its surrounding area. On this tour you will experience a close encounter with the ocean, nature and crisp air. Learn about what you see and the rich history of our region.

Itinerary 2 hours total
15 min Transfer from pier to boat by foot
1 h 30 min Enjoy the boat tour
15 min Disembark and return to pier by foot
Capacity Maximum 48 per group
Adult Coming soon!
Child Coming soon!

This tour includes boarding and disembarking a boat and may not be suited for people with mobility issues. In case of bad weather or rough sea it is possible that the tour will have to change route or be cancelled, to ensure the safety of the passangers and crew. The tour is guided with an audio guide system. The guide language on this tour is English.