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Måløy is a small town, with 3,000 residents, on the southeastern side of Vågsøy Island. The city centre is connectet to the mainland by the Måløy bridge, and is a safe haven for boat traffic when the stormy weather prevents the crossing of the Stadhavet ocean.

Måløyraid Museum

Visit the historical exhibition telling a vivid story of what happened in Måløy during the Måløyraid on december 27th 1941.

Silda Tour

Silda is a small scenic island located just east of Måløy. This car-free island is a paradise for those who want to enjoy the nature.


Visit Vågsberget – a trading post dating back to the 17th century. Vågsberget is considered one of the best-preserved trade centres along the west coast.

Lighthouse Safari

In Måløy there are four iconic lighthouses,
Kråkenes lighthouse, Ulvesund lighthouse, Hendanes lighthouse and Skongenes lighthouse.
Join us on our catamaran as we show you all of the four lighthouses from the sea, and tell
you their story.

Fjord Scenery Safari

Welcome aboard one of our veteran vessels on an incredible fjord scenery safari along the stunning Norwegian coast! The trip gives a breathtaking view of the fjords, mountains, and islands surrounding Maloy.

Street Art city walk

Join our local guides on this walking tour to learn stories and inspiration behind the street art paintings and other historically and cultural
events and buildings.

Ulvesund Lighthouse

Meet the locals at Ulvesund lighthouse. Hear about the history of the lighthouses in the area, taste norwegian food and snacks and enjoy a journey back in time.

Explore West Cape & Selje

Enjoy a panoramic drive on Stadlandet to the West Cape, Norway’s westernmost viewpoint with mainland connection towering some 500 meters above the Atlantic. On clear days, the view in all directions is marvelous.

Explore the Mythic Selje Monestary

Experience the saga island of Selja, the place where the story of the first saint (the only female saint), some of the country’s first churches and one of the oldest monasteries in the “country far north” started – and still lives a thousand years later.

Visit the Deers at Nave Deer & Ilamafarm

Nave deer and llama farm is home to over 50 deer, llamas, goats, and dogs. Visitors can experience the animals up close and participate in feeding.

Experience the spectacular view of Måløy from mount Kletten

A captivating and family-friendly hike across the Måløy Bridge and to the top of Kletten, with a magnificent view of the city of Måløy.

The old boathouse area Jølet and the abandoned Hendanes lighthouse

Jølet boathouse area – a hidden treasure located in the beautiful small village Kvalheim. Continue to Hendanes Lighthouse, with a spectacular view and calming waves.

Feel the fjord in Krokpollen

Experience an exclusive tour to one of Nordfjord’s best-kept secrets – “Krokpollen.” This peaceful island is a rare gem of nature and is now open for booking for the first time ever!