Activites ▸Måløy Mountains


For a spectacular view, not only of the town, but also of the surrounding landscape and the ocean outside. The best way to experience it is by hiking. Over Måløy are two mountaintops, Veten and Brurahornet. The tallest one, Veten with its 613 meter above sea level is our target. The hike has steep parts, and various surfaces, so good shoes are a must. When you start to be tired of climbing, take a break and look around you. The view you will see will motivate you to keep going, knowing that at the top you will have a spectacular view waiting for you as your reward.

Itinerary 3 hours total
0 min Departure from pier
10 min Transfer from pier to Måløy stadium
2 h 40 min Hike to Mt. Veten and back
10 min Transfer back to pier
Capacity Maximum 30 per group
Adult Coming soon!
Child Coming soon!

This activity will be in english only. Please note that the terrain can be steep, rocky, and uneven, and may not be suitable for individuals with certain disabilities or health conditions. Hikers should be prepared for changes in weather and temperature, and should bring appropriate gear, such as sturdy footwear and warm, waterproof clothing. The guides may choose the route based on weather conditions to ensure the best experience for the participating hikers. The operator of this activity might require you to sign a waiver before participating.